Topic: Changing the stat page

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====I have ca. 200 mailboxes, receive about 20k spam/virus/banned messages per day and have huge maildir and quarantine. Logging in to the iRedAdmin-Pro ldap takes me ca. an hour (sometimes it takes up to 2,5 hour). The only way to log in in reasonable time is to put login credentials on the login page, and to choose other subpage in the address bar for example /iredadmin/domains. Then loging in takes seconds.
Is this possible to change the starting page from dashboard to lets say domains or admins?


Re: Changing the stat page

You can set below parameter in iRedAdmin-Pro config file "settings.py", then restart Apache service. It will redirect you to '/domains' after logged in.


By the way, do you have cron job to delete old sql records with script 'tools/cleanup_amavisd_db.py' shipped in iRedAdmin-Pro?


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