Re: Why are you interested in iRedMail?

Because setting up my own email server won't work. And iRedMail is so easy


Re: Why are you interested in iRedMail?

Easy, fast, and it works. Before I found and installed iRedMail, my custom-built mail server system had suddenly stopped working (suspect cyrus broke). I don't have the kind of time I used to have to play uber computer geek any more, and iRedMail was a lifesaver. Initially, I tried it on Gentoo (my preferred distro), but it didn't work because apt-get is not a Gentoo package, but I set up Ubuntu Server for this.


Re: Why are you interested in iRedMail?

Zimbra dropped support for my architecture so I went looking for alternatives. This seems to be on better licensing grounds besides.


Re: Why are you interested in iRedMail?

Easy install and use. Great support in forum smile

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Re: Why are you interested in iRedMail?

Don't need to be a unix expert to setup, easy to follow guidance provided and for those looking for basic stuff  it's the best opensource mail server.


Re: Why are you interested in iRedMail?

Easy initial setup
Support is out of this world
Easy to maintain, if you didn't do a bunch of customizations
Steady update cycle

I host 2438 domains with 17496 users


Re: Why are you interested in iRedMail?

From the solutions that I check to migrate my old MDaemon and zimbra servers iRedMail seems to be the most complete of them, even when I'm using the free version.

It's super fast to deploy and it uses on the backend all the tools that I was used to (postfix, sql databases, dovecot, etc.) This last point was crucial to me. When my zimbra server came down NOBODY ON EARTHcould fix it. Come on, zimbra its a black box, and it uses a lot of esources. Thats another advantage of iRedMail, its super light and I dont have any professional servers at hand.

And of course the online support its great. Every time that I posted some issue, I got a response in less than 30 minutes.

Bottom line Iredmail rocks and it works great for me!!!!

Greetings from Cuba


Re: Why are you interested in iRedMail?

It's easy to deploy, scales well, is easy to support, and all of the hard configuration work is already done by the install script! I've tried multiple times to do a "from-the-ground-up" install with a similar configuration, and it's always been a ton of headaches, and a lot of trial, error, and reading manuals from dusk until dawn, and back to dusk again.

I run a small mail server with 4 virtual domains, iRedMail, phpList with a promotional mailing list, and I've customized it by using OpenDKIM instead of Amavis for my DKIM signatures, but other than that, it's pretty stock, except for Apache virtual hosts, and rbl blacklist checking that I've added. It works beautifully. I couldn't ask for more.

There were other options out there like Citadel, but I hated the interface, and the general configuration, and wanted a true Postfix / Dovecot setup with a minimal amount of headaches. That's where iRedMail comes into the picture. The fact that it's based on open-source packages, and free software is amazing. I can accomplish in 15 minutes, what it used to take a whole day or more to do manually. Even then, I'd have to do extensive testing, and configuration changes before deployment.

While I still end up doing configuration changes, and tweaking settings before deployment, I feel a bit safer knowing that I haven't overlooked something in a configuration setting for postfix or dovecot that leaves me with a gaping security hole, open relay issues, or a ton of backscatter to deal with. iRedMail has been absolutely wonderful for me. It's been rock-solid, and reliable, and the community / forums have been great as well. I always end up getting the answers that I'm looking for in the forums. I really appreciate this community, and iRedMail in general!


Re: Why are you interested in iRedMail?

Pretty much all of the above.  I have used postfix+dovecot for years.  My complaint was that it was all CLI managed, and invariably required all kinds of tweaks and tuning to work properly.  I tried several 'all in one' packages (linux and windows).  The former were annoying, because they inevitably seemed to be bloated groupware/gateway/etc packages, whereas the latter required a bloated server 2008 or somesuch, with all kinds of crap I didn't need or want.  iRedMail is perfect for me - I did a minimal lamp+mail ubuntu 14.04 install and threw iRedMail on top, and I'm good to go!


Re: Why are you interested in iRedMail?

Does anybody have competitive analysis for iRedMail with other Service provider, if yes kindly share it will be of big help.

Arvind Singh


Re: Why are you interested in iRedMail?

I want my own email server! I want to better understand how email works, and if I ever get the gumption to be a consultant, I'd just like all my IT under me.


Re: Why are you interested in iRedMail?

Hi ;
I use iredmail  because it's open source and easy to install , stablen great customer support via forum.
Thank's for the iredmail team for this  project :-)


Re: Why are you interested in iRedMail?

With iRedMail I finally have to possibility to provide to the company that I work for, a corporate professional email server with a very low budget.

- Easier and faster installation/deployment than trying to make it by my own;
- The pre-configuration is top notch;
- Safe, fast and stable;
- Lots of tools to cover almost any needs;
- Great support provided by the developer (I didn't have any experience with the community support itself, so I can't say anything about it, but reading other testimonials it leads to believe that it is great, too).

I'm still in the "beta fase" with my setup, so I'm pretty sure that I'll be addding more reasons to this post.

Thank you for this brilliant solution.

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Re: Why are you interested in iRedMail?

Why am I interested in iRedMail?

1) fast deployment
2) easy to customize to meet most needs
3) great community
4) ZhangHuangbin seems like a hell of a guy smile
5) all components are open source and well documented
6) flexible enough to scale/cluster to meet high demand and availability
7) Sogo is a nice touch and is on it's way to becoming a nice MS exchange killer
8) Works great with FreeBSD