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I have email accounts with special character like ' e.g. ng'oli@example.com. iRedadmin is unable to create such an email account until you hack the code. I have created them using phpldapadmin but again users cannot login to roundcube using such accounts.
Any idea to let them login will be appreciated.


Re: Escape character

Do you have to use it? Why not simply use a dot or -/_ as replacement?

Although some special characters like ! $ % & ' * / ? ^ ` { | } ~ are supported in RFC, but we don't recommend to use them, because not every mail server support them. Did you ever rcv email from someone who as those special characters in their email address?

It's recommended to use a-z, A-Z, 0-9, dot, underscore, dash in email address and avoid special characters. Although + is allowed, but it's usually used as delimiter in postfix, so don't use it in email address please.


Re: Escape character

This happens to users with names containing special characters as a policy of email account to be their name (eg firstname@example.com). Using different names will be against the policy.


Re: Escape character

I don't have such experience before. Could you show us an example?


Re: Escape character

The policy says email account should be firstname@mydomain when there is another user with the same name which is obvious the email account should be firstname.lastname@mydomain. Example of our user is ng'walu.juma@mydomain. When you create such user, RC does not allow to login, its gives login failed. Please assist if you have any idea.


Re: Escape character

Did you ask the people who declared the policy whether using dot instead of single quote is allowed? E.g ng.walu.juma@mydomain.

Usually, mail server will query sql server with email address as keyword, not sure whether it will mess up your sql queries in postfix/dovecot/roundcube or not. Or even brings sql injection attack.

Again, it's not recommended to use quotes (single quote and double quote) in email address.