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I was wondering if there was any way to allow users to register accounts to use my mail server in a way that Yahoo or Google does. In short they fill out a form and an email account is automatically created for them to use. Is this even possible with this?

Thank you very much for your time and help!



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Currently, we don't have this feature. But you can easily modify PostfixAdmin code to fit your need.

PS: Which backend do you use? OpenLDAP or MySQL?

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ZhangHuangbin wrote:

... But you can easily modify PostfixAdmin code to fit your need...

For that I have asked postfixadmin people for help to understand database structure and where to locate code to reuse, but did not get any response.
I have red on some other forums that postfixadmin is significantly different between 2.2.1 used in some other projects and 2.3 used with iredmail.
Major differene is that before 2.3 postfixadmin was easier to adopt, trough the php coding, to your database structure.
With 2.3, if you would like to implement it, you have to create database structure to accomodate postfixadmin way. "Hardcoded sql query" was used to describe a problem that arise when trying to add custom things, like self registering page.

For your refference:
http://sourceforge.net/projects/postfix … ic/3509121


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iRedMail's SQL structure is based on PostfixAdmin's early version, but they should be almost same.

Spend several minutes to check the structure and read some records, you will find how to insert new records into it.


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Can this be added as a feature request for future releases?



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mfiendd wrote:

Can this be added as a feature request for future releases?

I do not think so as a feature overall, because virtual-user management is done using different ways looking at mysql vs ldap.
In this case it would be more probably that this feature is just developed for ldap system, as project is making money trough selling iredadmin and this might be add on feature for non-free version.
Usualy one who would make patch for postfixadmin, used with mysql, does not care to patch iredadmin, used in ldap scenario, and vice versa.

Untill something is not done for postfixadmin this would definetely win some people, in need of such functionality, to switch to ldap.


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@011, what you descripted is really the best way smile


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I agree to utilize LDAP. If requiring payment for this piece I would recommend changing it from a feature to a module addon. It's just my experience within software engineering that a feature request is applied to the main branch for everyone whereas modules we require payment for.

Just my two cents.

Yes, I'm willing to pay for this module!

I'll also be purchasing iRedAdmin once I receive approval from the upper brass.




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I just wonder why do you need the feature of allow users to register?

do you plan to build a mail server like google?


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It is easier to let people that need email address with your domain to enter their own information.
No chance to misspell, they setup password, they have to go trough how-to to use it.
You just aprove, most of the time, or not.

Makes life of admin easy.