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I upgraded the Jaunty to Karmic. Everything was all right, only the postfix smtp ssl auth didn't work. The problem is that when I try to send messages with thunderbird, the password window always pop-up. What is the mistake?


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I'm using Evolution - Karmic on both the server and client without issues.

I use POP with TLS & Password auth and have "remember password" checked.
Outbound I use SMTP + TLS with Login auth.


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Sorry for the brief description,. My problem is not that it does not remember the password. But that it always throw up the password window after the upgrade. It does not accept the  SMTP+SSL with Login auth password. All other works (SMTP auth, pop3, pop3ssl, imap, imapssl) only  the SMTP +SSL with Login auth does not work.


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You can use SMTP + STARTTLS or SMTP + SSL/TLS.


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I used the SMTP + Auth (tcp 25), SMTP + TLS + Auth (tcp 25) and SMTP + SSL Auth (tcp 465). The last auth is not working.


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Either SMTP + TLS or SMTP + SSL should be OK, connection is encrypted.


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OK, but the internet service providers to filter SMTP traffic, therefore, the SMTP+TLS+Auth does not pass through the network. Thus, the need for a SMTP + SSL Auth which rejects the passwords since the upgrade.


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I have found the problem, the dist upgrade is replaced one option. It's disabled the dovecot sasl mechanism and use the saslauthd instead.

How can I restore the Dovecot sasl mechanism?


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I found the mistake! The problem was that the "enableService=smtpsecured" was missing in the Ldap tree and when I added this Service to the Ldap tree, everything was working all right.

The interesting thing that SMTP+TLS+Auth has been operated during Jaunty without smtpsecured, but since the Karmic upgrade, it did not work.


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Note: '%Lc' setting in /etc/dovecot/dovecot-ldap.conf will be replaced by "secured" string with SSL, TLS and localhost connections. Otherwise empty. (dovecot-v1.0.rc27+)

Reference: http://wiki.dovecot.org/Variables


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But Dovecot version number is 1.1.11-0ubuntu11 under Jaunty and 1.1.11-0ubuntu11 under Karmic. wink