Topic: All good but no mail

Hey, i recently installed iredmail, i can create the mail adress in iredadmin and login to the roundcube webmail using iRedMail-0.5.1... I can't send mail through SMTP cuz ISP blocks it, so i send mail through the external SMTP and that works great, says i got e-mail (on my hotmail) from the adress i created.. But i get no mail though.. my mail mx adress and my hostname is working, i can login through outlook from external and check mails but none there...

Any clues?


Re: All good but no mail

Maybe you should contact your ISP to help to solve this issue.



Re: All good but no mail

They don't block pop3 nor imap though?


Re: All good but no mail

Did a complete fresh reinstall and it works now.. No clue what happened b4 smile Thx anyways.