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Topic: Dashboard is empty

==== ==== Required information ====
- iRedMail version: 0.8.4
- Store mail accounts in which backend (LDAP/MySQL/PGSQL):  MySQL
- Linux/BSD distribution name and version:  Cent OS 5.9
- Related log if you're reporting an issue:
After the upgrade to iRedAdmin-Pro 1.6.0 my dashboard is gone or better empty. See the screenshot. Any advice?

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Re: Dashboard is empty

Hi BigJens,

Do you have correct Amavisd database related settings in iRedAdmin-Pro config file (settings.ini)? under "[amavisd]".


Re: Dashboard is empty

We tested it and the settings are correct.


Re: Dashboard is empty

Could you please try the latest iRedAdmin-Pro-LDAP-1.9.0? v1.6.0 is too old.


Re: Dashboard is empty

We have the mySQL version.


Re: Dashboard is empty

Does restarting Apache solve this issue?


Re: Dashboard is empty

Apache restart doesn't help, the problem still exists. Anything else we could do?


Re: Dashboard is empty

Hi BigJens,

Did you apply this patch:


Re: Dashboard is empty

Yes we already applied the patch, that was the first thing we did after the problem occured.

[root@pepper iRedAdmin-Pro-MySQL-1.6.0]# patch -p1 < /root/top_10_recipients.patch
patching file libs/amavisd/log.py
Reversed (or previously applied) patch detected!  Assume -R? [n] y


Re: Dashboard is empty

Sorry, still no idea yet.

*) Please don't reverse the patch.
*) Is there any related error log in Apache log file?
*) Do you configure Amavisd to log basic in/out email info in SQL database? (@storage_sql_dsn)


Re: Dashboard is empty

Okay we did some further investigation and everything points to an amavisd problem here. The error came with the update from amavis 2.7.x to 2.8.0.

Referring to this thread here http://www.iredmail.org/forum/topic3809 … sdnew.html we think it's an config issue.

With this it seems to work:

$sql_select_policy = 'SELECT "Y" as local, 1 as id FROM domain WHERE CONCAT("@",domain) IN (%k)';

but we get an other error then

451631A21C5    12293 Thu May  9 11:36:03  xxyyy@yyy-xxx-me.com (host[] said: 451 4.5.0 Error in processing, id=24147-02, spam-wb-list FAILED: sql exec: err=1146, 42S02, DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Table 'vmail.wblist' doesn't exist at (eval 115) line 172. at (eval 118) line 324. (in reply to end of DATA command))

Any ideas?


Re: Dashboard is empty

At the moment we turned off amavis due to this error, this would explain the current behavoiur and the empty dashboard but it is not a solution of course.


Re: Dashboard is empty

*) Do you have "@lookup_sql_dsn" enabled in Amavisd config file? Does it work if you comment out @lookup_sql_dsn?
*) What addition settings/parameters did you modify in Amavisd config file? like $sql_select_policy.


Re: Dashboard is empty

Okay, we disabled @lookup_sql_dsn and at least the 'top 10 sender list' is back there :-), the recipient list still misses.

The following changes were made in the amavis config:

#Amavis 2.8.0 ?
$sql_select_policy = 'SELECT "Y" as local, 1 as id FROM domain WHERE CONCAT("@",domain) IN (%k)';

# For Amavisd-new-2.7.0 and later versions. Placeholder '%d' is available in Amavisd-2.7.0+.
#$sql_select_policy = "SELECT domain FROM domain WHERE domain='%d'";

As soon as we enable the option for 2.7.0+ Amavis crashes. Is the problem related to the new 2.8.0 settings?


Re: Dashboard is empty

*) What do you mean "crash"?
*) The problem with "@lookup_sql_storage" is, it requires some addition SQL tables in the same SQL database, they're defined in Amavisd document. iRedMail has a sample SQL template: https://bitbucket.org/zhb/iredmail/src/ … at=default

I think the best solution will be auto-sync required info in iRedAdmin-Pro. For example, add/register all hosted domains in Amavisd databases.