Topic: Mailing list issue

==== Required information ====
- iRedMail version: 1.8.1
- Store mail accounts in which backend (LDAP/MySQL/PGSQL): LDAP
- Linux/BSD distribution name and version: centos
- Related log if you're reporting an issue:

Hi Zhang,

Customer has sent an email to a mailing list say abc@abc.com which has 86 members. out of which three members have not received the email. This three users were give domain admin  previliges before. We have revoked the admin privileges some time back for two users.

Just want to understand why there haven't received any mails sent as part of the mailing list


1. User active
2. All three users are members of the mailing list
3. They have sufficient email quota

There is no failure deliver message noticed for the above three users & sender has not received any bounce emails

There is a strage warming message in the postfix log

    unreasonable virtual_alias_maps map nesting for  abc@abc.com



Re: Mailing list issue

I guess some mail alias account has too many members. Please try to increase value of Postfix parameter "virtual_alias_expansion_limit", default is 1000.



Re: Mailing list issue

Hi Zhang,

Mails are not delivered to only  three members. Increasing the limit will fix this?

Currently i have "virtual_alias_expansion_limit=5000"


ZhangHuangbin wrote:

I guess some mail alias account has too many members. Please try to increase value of Postfix parameter "virtual_alias_expansion_limit", default is 1000.


Re: Mailing list issue

I need to setup an alias e-mail address (e.g. dummy@domain.com) so that if user send e-mail to this alias account it will auto forward to to all users (apple@domain.com, john@domain.com, paul@domain.com... etc.)

I created an alias "dummy@domain.com", now when I add member, e.g. apple@domain.com, and then save changes, it doesn't add to member list. But if I add other domain e-mail address (e.g. apple@yahoo.com) and save changes, it added successfully.

I think I did something wrong, please help.



Re: Mailing list issue

Hi Russell,

First of all, please create a new forum topic to post your own issue, do NOT hijack other's topic.

- How did you add alias member? With iRedAdmin-Pro?
- If it's iRedAdmin-Pro, which edition do you use (OpenLDAP, MySQL or PostgreSQL)? And what's the version number (You can see version number in Dashboard page)?



Re: Mailing list issue

Hi Zhang,

Sorry for wrong posting. Will create a new topic in case of I have new issue.

I'm using iRedAdmin-Pro MySQL version 1.5.1, I add alias member by entering e-mail address in the "Add new members" textbox, and follow the rule "One mail address per line". Once I click the save changes button, e-mail addresses have just been inputted were gone without saving. I have to get inside to the database and add e-mail manually separated by a comma. Then I back to admin-pro and can see e-mail addresses (I add manually to db) are shown there inside "Members" box.