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hello Iredmail

i am your admin-pro user and i have configure pure-ftp with iredmail it working fine. my problem is that ftp user can only upload file, they should not delete any file through ftp-client software or any web based access. plz help me it's very urgent.


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I'm so sorry that we don't officially support FTP service integration, so you have to try to solve it yourself.


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You can try '-K' with pureftpd. Reference:
http://download.pureftpd.org/pub/pure-ftpd/doc/README (Search '-K' in this page)


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thank you for you quick reply. plz tell how to use this -K


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when i start with this /usr/sbin/pure-ftpd -K it's not login, but i start without -K it working fine

plz help me

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Add KeepAllFiles yes to pure-ftp.conf

now working fine


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one problem, iam facing users perfect upload but not downloading any file.

plz help me what is the problem



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if the user can see the files, it can download. seem ftp is impossible not allow user download.

maybe you change the ftp client and test it.


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i have tried with leeach ftp, winscp, and webbrowser, internet explorer, opera, firefox. but no luck.


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i checked with locahost and get file, it's showing that problem
227 Entering Passive Mode (127,0,0,1,44,182)
550-Sorry, but the upload/download ratio is 1:5 .
550-You currently uploaded 0 Kb and downloaded 0 Kb.
550 Please upload some goodies and try leeching later.


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write4saini wrote:

550-Sorry, but the upload/download ratio is 1:5 .

Looks like you have to upload some goodies first, that's what ratio used for.


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i have already file in my users ftp account. he not able to download.

please help


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it is working without ldap authentication

what is the problem ?


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I know it's a little old topic, but I had the same exact problem as write4saini and exactly same message. I also tried uploading couple of files (few MB) but it didn't help, until I uploaded one 100 MB file (movie clip). Only then I was able to download previously uploaded files. Maybe this will help someone.