Topic: iPhone mail is not working.

==== Required information ====
- iRedMail version: v0.1.8
- Store mail accounts in which backend (LDAP/MySQL/PGSQL): MySQL
- Linux/BSD distribution name and version: Cent OS 5.2
- Related log if you're reporting an issue:

Hi - still a newbie when it comes to mail administration, but I'm pretty well versed...so here we go. I have successfully installed iRedMail and have it working with Outlook on a few PCs. My issue is, however, when using a mobile device...for example my iPhone 4 (running iOS 6) or my Galaxy S III, after I put in the information, it says "wrong username and/or password."

I'm at a loss because IMAP seems to be working for Outlook on a desktop. Any ideas? Thanks.


Re: iPhone mail is not working.

How do you configure mail client on iPhone 4 and/or Galaxy S III?

You must use full email address as login name, and choose IMAPS (IMAP over STARTTLS).


Re: iPhone mail is not working.

I am using the complete e-mail address as the username. It seems just to not like it. Do you know how to use IMAP over STARTTLS on the iPhone or Galaxy S 3? Or perhaps a way to disable it?


Re: iPhone mail is not working.

After doing some digging on mobile forums, it seems I need to set iRedMail to listen on 993 for IMAP requests as well as 143. I will need assistance with this, if you don't mind, Zhang.


Re: iPhone mail is not working.

Port 993 is open by default, you can verify it with below command on CentOS:

# netstat -ntlp


Re: iPhone mail is not working.

You are correct. When I issue the command, it does show that dovecot is listening. On the mobile devices, when I enable SSL, it says the IMAP server is not responding. I'm confused as to why. If the server is listening for requests on 993, then it should be reached.


Re: iPhone mail is not working.

Be careful, iRedMail provides IMAPS which stands for IMAP over STARTTLS, not IMAP over SSL. I guess this is why it failed.
You can try letting mobile device to choose the best settings, i believe iPhone will detect IMAPS (IMAP over STARTTLS) correctly.


Re: iPhone mail is not working.

The iPhone doesn't, and I think that is the problem. The fact it is responding with "incorrect username and password" when not using SSL means something is wrong when talking to the server from the mobile device, and not so much the encryption type. Has anyone else seen an issue like this, I've been working on this now for several days and would like to get my mobiles configured.


Re: iPhone mail is not working.

- Do you have IMAP (not IMAPS - IMAP over STARTTLS) service enabled on iRedMail server? Show us output of command "dovecot -n" please.
- Could you please show us how you configure on iPhone? Take some screenshots (with Home + Power buttons) please.