Topic: look like password can contain invalid chars

in iredmailadmin the admin can specify the password for a new user.

html code:

<input class="text" type="password" title="" size="35" value="" name="newpw">

using "4Dnw=TaExdbVKe5)k@!P-hWu3RA6QGXgrpf(" as password fails if i try to connect with thunderbird.

i will try to specify more exactly which char or chars are the problem. do you truncate the password somewhere? in other apps i often had the problem, that the password was truncated (only for example 20 chars where saved) by the input field or by the database.


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Re: look like password can contain invalid chars

I reset user password with your sample password, works for me here. Tested with all 3 editions of iRedAdmin-Pro: LDAP, MySQL, PGSQL.


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