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Topic: Open Register new user?

Hey guy, I'm question for register new user, same gmail,hotmail,yahoo
I see this folder "iredadmin" iredadmin use python for register user, I not expert python
I understand PHP, Please other programer answer this question.
Thank you so much.
( l'm a little English sorry for vocabulary & grammar wink )


Re: Open Register new user?

Still no plan to achieve this feature in iRedAdmin, sorry.
You can develop one with the programming language you're familiar with, it doesn't depend on iRedAdmin. smile


Re: Open Register new user?

Thank you so much, You can guide for Encryption my password i not understand
my type password is not md5 i don't know for my type password


Re: Open Register new user?

Then please paste one of your password so that others can help you.


Re: Open Register new user?

Hell, Can you help me pleas
I use iRedmail for one year but can not send to outside just only receive from outside
Can you help me? o_o