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Topic: Some changes to iRedMail uninstall script (clear_iredmail.sh)


During installing iRedMail, I had to do some small changes in the uninstall script (clear_iredmail.sh attached to this post) to make it work correctly with CentOS 6. This script is very useful when installing iRedMail for the first time. E.g. when you installed already the MYSQL version and want to change to the LDAP version, this is very useful. Or something is wrong with your distro and you want to reinstall without completely wiping out your system, this can save you a lot of time.

- Removed the .${ARCH} suffix for package removal in CentOS as it didn't remove the packages (it resolves to .i386 in my case, but packages have a .i686 suffix).
- Changed the removal of the openldap package to NOT remove (only openldap-clients and openldap-servers are removed now), as it removed also the yum and rpm package which are vital for basic operation of your server.

Btw, I would strongly advise everyone to install on a freshly installed CentOS the yum-plugin-protect-packages plugin as it protects your system from unexpected removal of vital system packages.


This uninstall script will remove all maildirs of all configured domains and users, so be careful (make a backup of all mail folders in /var/vmail/vmail1) before running this script!

Please keep in mind that these changes are shared only for the purpose of helping this very nice project and other users, they are not guaranteed to work nor tested on other system(s) and configurations. So please be careful when trying this on your own system! I cannot accept any liability for any damage that these changes might cause to your system.

My config is:
- iRedMail version: 0.7.3
- CentOS 6 i386


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Re: Some changes to iRedMail uninstall script (clear_iredmail.sh)

Hi @wdbacker,

Thanks very much for your contribution?
Could you help provide me a patch instead of the whole new file? Patch is easier for me to merge your changes. smile



Re: Some changes to iRedMail uninstall script (clear_iredmail.sh)

Hi @ZhangHuangbin,

I sent you the Unix Diff file by e-mail.


Re: Some changes to iRedMail uninstall script (clear_iredmail.sh)

Committed: https://bitbucket.org/zhb/iredmail/chan … 5965090ce6

Thanks for your contribution. smile