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I want to set up a alias that is all@domain.com that will email out to everybody in that domain.
Actually I won't use all@domain.com but kdiyjdlllee@domain.com to avoid spam, and if that email address gets spammed we will just change it to something else.

Anyone knows how to set this up?

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Iredmail 0.6.1
Centos 5.6

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Re: all@domain.com

Which backend do you use to store mail accounts? MySQL or OpenLDAP?
You can create an alias account "all@domain.ltd", then assign all users as alias members.

With iRedAdmin-Pro, you can easily manage this kind of alias (all@domain.ltd), Screenshots for your reference:

1) Assign newly created mail accounts to a default mail group, "Default mail group(s) of new user". "group" is mail list in LDAP backend, mail alias in MySQL backend.

2) Assign exist mail accounts to this alias account as members:


Re: all@domain.com

I'm realize that on my public server (iredMail 0.6.1) dosen't has all@domain.com by default, meanwhile on my local server (iRedmail 0.5.2) already build in. How to add all@domain.com without IredAdmin Pro?



Re: all@domain.com

The easiest way to know how to add catchall account (e.g. all@domain.com) is creating one with our online demo of iRedAdmin-Pro-LDAP.

Here's tutorial:
http://iredmail.org/wiki/index.php?titl … /Catch-all