Topic: Webmin with iRedMail

Dear ZhangHuangbin,

I want to install webmin into my ubuntu 10.4 LTS email server which is iRedMail server.

So, can u pls let me know is it possible to install and run webmin besides with iRedMail or it will conflicts some of settings of Apache or others?

Thank u.

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Re: Webmin with iRedMail

So sorry that i didn't install Webmail with iRedMail before, you have to try it yourself.


Re: Webmin with iRedMail

I'm talking about "Webmin" not "webmail".

Can u pls advice me about install webmin with iRedMail??


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Re: Webmin with iRedMail

It's a typo error, i mean "Webmin" too.
I cannot provide any advice because i have no experience at all. Sorry.


Re: Webmin with iRedMail

Just install the latest deb from webmin.com. It did not conflict with iRedMail. Me no problem running iRedMail on CentOS 5.6 with latest webmin.

PS: U need to enable port 10000 if your server is firewalled.


Re: Webmin with iRedMail

I also installed webmin on an clean ubuntu 14.04.2 amazon instance and then a clean install (following install description) of iredmail and iredadmin pro.
Works great! Just remember that it is advisable to have at least 2 GB of Ram on server instance.