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Can anyone help on implementing valid ssl certificate on iredmail?

For apache it inst a big deal, but has anyone successfully implemented it on postfix & dovecot?


Re: Valid SSL Certficate

Sorry, what does 'valid ssl certificate' exactly mean? iRedMail has SSL enabled in Apache, Postfix, Dovecot by default.


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Re: Valid SSL Certficate

Sorry, i meant a valid ssl certificate signed by godaddy / komodo ...

Basically the server hostname is "qwerty.mydomainname.org", i will generate an ssl cert + remove passphrase and configure apache..

Can i use the same certificate for postfix & dovecot? assuming the "incoming" & "outgoing" server in client settings would still be 'qwerty.mydomainname.org" ?


Re: Valid SSL Certficate

Komodo or Comodo? If it's comodo, here's a reference forum topic: http://www.iredmail.org/forum/topic2171 … -jail.html

You can use same SSL keys in Dovecot, Apache, Postfix.