2,641 Dovecot-1 upgrade Dovecot-2

by melaleuca5

2,647 spf=neutral

by vivekrock8

2,648 Closed: [RESOLVED] Unable to receive e-mail

by ajsekeris

2,649 Authenticate LDAP on one server

by chinthaka

2,652 Improving ACL's to iRedAdmin

by Pafnucy

2,653 problem with phpldapadmin

by mekerri

2,655 Upgrade Dovocot to 2.1?

by dominic_wong

2,656 Cannot send mail to hotmail

by lechevo

2,657 IRedmail+pine setup

by callmerupesh

2,666 iRedMail errors

by ChristianLJ

2,667 Move users in LDAP

by balthazar997

2,669 disable amavisd

by dozier