151 Devuan support

by snarfies

153 Closed: Security, password policy

by tyllee

154 Relay Internal !

by nothingelse2013

156 typo? backup_mysql.sh

by tyllee

157 Closed: No/wrong web server installed/running

by jgjh151

160 Closed: Restrict access to iredadmin NGINX

by tyllee

162 log file very large

by roy.wong

164 Dmarc on iRedMail

by Thierry

168 Closed: Sogo: Active Sync stopped to work

by lordhelmet

172 sogo 3.0?

by renx999

175 Closed: Sogo: [FIXED] HTTPS doesn't work.

by alberto.mariani

178 Roundcube Stopped working

by roshanjonah

179 Closed: [FIXED] changing the relayhost

by vasileiosg