121 Closed: Roundcube Upgrade

by devedames

122 Closed: update of iredmail

by detomassino

124 Shared Folders

by moreni

126 iRedMail WHMCS module?

by Remitur

127 Roundcube security issue.

by ivuzunov

129 SOGO Themes

by jdodge

134 Closed: Trying to whitelist sbcglobal.net

by daavek

137 alias from another domain

by Constin

138 Closed: Migrate very old Version

by lug

139 Closed: New e-mails stopped arriving

by idiot_dave

140 Closed: Drafts Folder - Exchange - iOS

by christophk

141 Prohibit sending with a script

by SteveInAkron

142 LDAP + Mediawiki

by aarango

143 Closed: No DKIM signature

by bartoruiz

145 Nginx access permissions

by baobab

148 Closed: Updating roundcube

by rrosson

150 outlook 2016 pop3 not working

by gozilla007