122 Dovecot 2 last login tracking

by JerryAllen

123 Per user/email reporting

by henryzen

125 mail forward to gmail

by zolikusz

126 Alias problem

by mharvester

127 Closed: Fail2ban-email-notifications

by alex42

128 Address book in Outlook

by Liqvid

129 Rainloop password change

by algiss

130 Sub addressing with MySQL

by nazar-pc

132 Strong password support

by kaipanoi

133 Closed: AuthMYSQLEnable

by Pokey

134 Closed: Problems with cert-file

by alex42

136 Closed: Cron Errors

by JJ

143 iredadmin not found

by stevehendo34

146 Horde Installation

by djbahati1

148 Closed: authentication not enabled ??

by apengronda