61 Closed: login failed

by loudking

63 No access to iRedadmin

by Thierry

66 wrong date format in mail.log

by yavuz.maslak

68 Move mail directory

by edilsonamaral

72 Closed: iRedMail not configuring database.

by sammywestga

74 Gsuite unable to send EMAIL

by Sednasystem

79 about module=Quotas

by yavuz.maslak

82 Closed: Update All current users Mailbox quota

by khalid.hajem

84 Closed: Small-Mail-Setup: SoGo required?

by bernhard.adm

86 Closed: Quarantine support in iRedMail (not -Pro)

by martinveasey

87 Closed: DKIM-signature (amavis problem)

by shadowmaster

89 Sogo Password policy SQL

by edilsonamaral