4,895 Copying mailboxes owned

by Bozra

4,897 New Dovecot 2.0.21

by moreni

4,901 Closed: DKIM signing for additional domains

by jbou

4,902 Install Error

by galleline

4,904 Split attachments to file system

by manoj_25796

4,906 Closed: DKIM doesn't work at all...

by oicrambc

4,907 Closed: what's wrong with this rule script?

by paulus

4,909 Error installation failed

by dihaji.oussa

4,911 Nested Group option

by mohan

4,913 Domain POP collection

by FredZ

4,916 Closed: Every mail treated as local mail.

by forgulencia

4,919 Script for masive new users

by infunix